Phig and the Eaven Prophecy (Coming Soon!)

bookWhen Phig stumbles upon a world called Eaven, he is awestruck by its beauty and serenity. Yet, under the perfect landscape is a darker, brewing conflict, embroiling the two goddess sisters who share rule over this small, powerful world.

Phig is not on Eaven as an observer though. Earth and Eaven are inextricably linked, and Phig has been summoned to fulfill an ancient prophecy to save the worlds from ruin. He is certain that there has been a HUGE mistake.

For starters, Phig has autism, and thinks anyone in his class should be lauded “hero” before him: like his confident friend Garrett or the eccentric intellectual Esmerelda. Second, this is no way to fly under the radar after tarnishing his father’s political reputation on a class outing. He’s already serving community time with a well-known philanthropist named Bernie…who just happens to have a gateway to this strange world in his house.

Regardless of Phig’s Earthly predicaments, the sisters on Eaven have plans for him. As he attempts to set things straight with Aurelia, the goddess who has beckoned him, he is pursued by Zephyra, the one who wants to destroy him. Phig is pulled into an adventure that he doesn’t expect and a destiny that is much bigger than he could have ever imagined.

He must learn to trust his intuition, which is something he’s never been very good at, and to connect to the intrinsic power within him. He’s not sure if he’ll make it back to his current reality, but if he does, he will be indelibly changed.

Link to Buy the Phig and the Eaven Prophecy on Amazon Coming in 2017!

Giving Back

heartI’m incredibly grateful for the help that we’ve received from our community of therapists, teachers, and programs. We wouldn’t be where we are right now without them.

And I love, love, LOVE the business model of giving back.

That’s why a portion of profits from my book sales will (always) go to a range of charities associated with autism and disabilities.

Because when gratitude flows, gratitude grows. And when you’re conscientiously practicing gratitude, it’s also easy to be compassionate and loving.