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Completely unprompted, two friends told me last week to keep writing.

There’s probably something you should know about me. I tend to minimize things, specifically when they have to do with me. And the universe pretty much knows this by now. So, when I hear or see things in twos or threes, it’s a sign to me to pay attention. Sometimes it takes three attempts, especially when I don’t pay attention to two. I’ve figured out that witnessing three times is more like a whack over the head, and if I’d only paid attention to the first two messages, the third would have been completely unnecessary.

It’s kind of like when you were told as a child to do something, and although you heard it, you didn’t immediately get up to do it. And then you were told again, and you thought “Okay, fine, I’ll get to it,” but didn’t respond. And then by the third time, typically when it was emphatically repeated, your response was, “Okay, I got it! Jeez! You didn’t have to yell!”

When a message comes in the way it did last week…unprompted, directly shared with me as though it was a point I really needed to hear, and from two friends whose opinions I deeply respect, I couldn’t help but say, “Okay, I got it.”

I haven’t blogged much in the last couple of years. I’ve been heads down on raising my child, balancing a career, and figuring out how to practice self-care, among other really important life skills. I’ve worked on my book drafts in phases and spurts. I’ve been going through some pretty significant life challenges, and I’ve been finding my internal groove. I’ve not been the most in touch of friends. I’ve not really known how I wanted to engage with and use social media. And I’ve generally questioned how much of my life and my family’s I wanted to share openly. I’ve undoubtedly been growing as a human.

Looking back, I think I needed this time to find meaning and to be at peace with what I share, in a way that feels authentic to me and that does not seek accolades or require explanation. I have needed to be okay with standing alone or in the company of a few others with the same heart-centered vision, not caring too much about the likes or shares or whatever we try to gauge our worth with these days. I’ve had to listen within and get really clear on what I value. I’ve had to learn what I love. And I’ve had to practice setting boundaries to experience more of what I value and love.

In my life, I always knew the direction that wasn’t for me, which is certainly helpful. What I’ve been learning to do is to listen for the direction that is for me. Some call it an internal compass, some call it intuition, some might call it something else like divine inspiration. I don’t think the name much matters, and if you’re tied up in what to call it, you’re probably missing the point. The actual point is that when the world is screaming at you to go here and there and hither and yon, you’ve got to take a break to listen to the nudges pointing you in the right direction. And almost always, those nudges are confirmed by the messages and signs around you.

When I stopped looking around me for the answers and instead started tapping into that internal compass, I began to understand that absolutely every answer already exists. If I can’t see it yet, it’s simply because it hasn’t come into view. And it likely will never show up in the way I envision that it should. But it will show up if I let go of how I think it needs to show up. Cool, huh?

I know there are a lot of people who think the world is a terribly broken place that needs saving. I think there would be a lot less saving needed if we all listened to that voice within. I also think we have this idea that the world needs us to go “out there” and save others. Maybe the best saving you can do is to take some time and focus on you without the external distractions. Not to the detriment of the world, because the world needs your love and attention and help, but in support of finding your place in it so that you can direct that love and attention and help exactly where it will be most impactful.

A plump robin with a beautiful red breast caught my eye a few minutes ago, and reminded me that there was a day not too long ago that three robins showed up within an hour stretch, and the circumstances were unique enough with each encounter for me to pay attention. So, I searched for some symbolic meaning, as one does when the universe whacks one over the head. The robin, which appears in spring, represents the creative life force needed for new growth, and its red-breasted coloring symbolizes leading with the heart.

Sometimes we need a little push to do what we’ve always known we should do. The messages from my friends were confirmation of the nudges I already had within, and that my symbolic robin encounters also revealed. Follow the creative inspirations, allow for growth, lead with heart, and the rest will come into view. And sometimes the message is as simple as, “yeah, do more of that for this world right now, because that’s what it needs.”

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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Hi, I’m Tabitha. I’m an author, autism parent, and advocate of acceptance, compassion, and love. I believe that we are all here for each other and we can co-create the world we want to live in. My book, Phig and the Eaven Prophecy, is a delicious fantasy written from the perspective of a boy on the autism spectrum. I invite you to join me and be a part of my magical world!

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