About me

tabithainwatercolourcircleHeeeeey there, pal! You’ve reached the page about me, which in my opinion is the virtual equivalent of standing at my doorstep.

Welcome! I’m happy to see you. Come on in. Can I get you something to drink? What about a snack? No? Well, have a seat, right here in this comfy spot. I’ve been waiting for you, and I can’t wait to chat.

My name is Tabitha.

I’m a writer. I’ve always been a writer in my career, and now I write fiction books too.

What are they about?

My first one is a fantasy adventure with this amazing boy, Phig. He’s not unlike my own son Kane in that regard – the amazing part – but they’re also quite different. They’re both on the autism spectrum, so they share commonalities and a few distinct traits, but no one on the spectrum is the same. The book is not our story. That’s what the blog is for.

You want to know more?

I’m happy to share what I know about autism, but please remember that these are my stories. My stories aren’t the same as yours. Maybe there are some similarities, and maybe not. I’d love to hear what you relate to in the comment section of each blog post.

I also invite you to learn more about autism. Current statistics note that 1 in 59 people have autism, with higher rates in males than females. So, there’s a strong chance that you already know someone on the autism spectrum, or will at some point in your life. Learn about their condition so that you can be a good support for them, and always be kind. Some disabilities, like autism, are not always as apparent as others, but they can present tremendous life challenges for those with the diagnosis.

What’s this thing about being an advocate of acceptance, compassion, and love?

Oooh, this is my favorite subject. This site, my blog, and my books all support my vision of a unified world, and a place in which acceptance, compassion, and love reign supreme. I know that we are capable of so much, if we’d only open our hearts. I believe that each person is unique and that we all have gifts to bring the world if we can treasure and listen to the insights that we have. I also know that’s only possible when you love yourself, when you have confidence in who you are, and when you trust that intuitive sense within you. You are capable of being an agent of change, and you can do that when you accept yourself and others, practice compassion toward others, honor their differences, and love them for who they are.

And that part about co-creating a world together?

I think the universe pairs us together at just the right time. Seemingly arbitrary events and coincidences are actually well-orchestrated, perfectly timed match-ups…sort of our “meet cute” universe style! So, although I can’t tell you how you landed here, I hope you find a nugget of what you’re looking for within these pages. Hang out for a while, read a little, leave me a comment, and tell me your story. That’s how co-creation starts: with empathy and love.

What’s all this magical stuff?

I did say that I’m a fantasy writer…but I also believe that there is a universal magic, supported by nature, that permeates the fabric of our lives. So, I invite you to be a part of my interpretation of it all, and to live for a bit in my own magical world of imaginative books and deepish thoughts, shared stories, and humorous observations about autism and life.

Want to meet my family?

These are the guys who make my heart go pitter patter: my husband Jeff, and my son Kane.

Tabitha and family

Do you have to leave so soon?

Bummer, but I completely understand. Please don’t leave without subscribing, because I’d really love to see you again.

I also know your time is valuable, so rest assured, you’ll hear from me only when I have a shiny blog post or newsy tidbit to share, like providing you first dibs details about my magical books!